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Check out our list of stadiums, arenas, and racetracks near Hillside Motel.

Stadiums, Arenas, and Racetracks

Looking for a place to catch the next big event? Check out our list of nearby stadiums, arenas, and racetracks.

Lumberjack Stadium

44.92 km away

The Homer Lumberjack Stadium is a stadium in Springfield, Missouri that is used for American football, baseball, and soccer. It was designed by the architectural firm of HOK Sport and Engineering. The stadium was opened on August 11, 2009, and has a capacity of 10,000 people. The Homer Lumberjack Stadium is named after Homer J. Simpson, the founder of Springfield.

Joe Aillet Stadium

47.05 km away

Joe Aillet Stadium Homer

The Homer in Joe Aillet Stadium is pretty special. It's a tribute to former Reds manager Joe Aillet, who passed away in July of 2016. The statue of Aillet stands atop the center-field wall and represents everything that is great about baseball.

"Joe was a great manager, a great man and a great friend," said Reds general manager Dick Williams. "He was always positive and upbeat, and he had a special touch with players. He will be deeply missed."

Aillet led the Reds to their only World Series appearance in 1990, and his teams produced many other successful seasons. He was also a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum's Class of 2002.

Soccer Field

47.15 km away

The Soccer Field Homer is a unique soccer field located in Springfield, MO. The field was built in 1994 and is named after Homer Simpson. The field is a popular spot for recreational soccer games.

Jim Mize Track and Field Complex

47.23 km away

Jim Mize Track and Field Complex Homer is a track and field facility located in Homer, Alabama. The complex was built in 1993 and hosts a variety of events, including track and field competitions. It is named after Jim Mize, an American athlete who competed in the men's decathlon and the men's heptathlon.

Lady Techsters Softball Field Complex

47.41 km away

Lady Techsters Softball Field Complex Homer

The Lady Techsters Softball Field Complex Homer is a great place to play softball. The field is well-maintained and has ample seating. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The facilities are top-notch.

J.C. Love Field

47.48 km away

In 1992, Homer Simpson moved to the fictional town of J.C. Love Field after being ejected from Springfield. Though it was initially a difficult adjustment for the red-haired lovable family man, he eventually came to love his new home and its quirky citizens.

Today, J.C. Love Field remains a popular tourist destination, and Simpsons fans can visit the town's many landmarks, including the Krusty Burger restaurant where Homer first worked, the swimming pool where Bart and Lisa discovered their genius IQs, and of course, Homer's house. The town also features several souvenir shops selling t-shirts, keychains and other memorabilia related to the show.

Mulerider Stadium

58.86 km away

Homer the Mulerider is the official mascot of Mulerider Stadium. He has been a part of the MUL team since 1978 and has been entertaining fans ever since. Homer is an athletic bear who loves to play ball and have fun on the field. Homer is also known for his trademark dance, the Mulerider Dance.

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